Black & white works
Colour works

Dog Laying Around (30x40)

Hump-a-Duck (40x50)

The Naked Method (30x40)

Team Sausage (30x40)
Promotion for Team Sausage
Belgian/Dutch Barista Collective

We Poop On Your Coffee (30x40)
Promotion for Team Sausage
Belgian/Dutch Barista Collective

Air Guitar (30x30)

She Likes Icecream (40x50)

Ladies Love Cool Ted (50x60)

Doggy Fur (40x50)

Black Bear (50x60)

Trouser Snake (30 x40)

The Courting (50x40)

Cigarette Break (70x40)

Touching Heads (30 x40)

Things go Wrong 1 (30 x40)

Book for the Bird (30 x40)

The Bat(30 x40)

Doggy Defense (40x50)

Drinking Buddies (50x60)

Her Hand on MY Knee (30 x40)

The Fart (50x60)

Dinner Served (40x50)

Feeding The Dog(40x50)

A Tasty Treat (30x40)

Bob's Your Uncle (30x40)

Girl On Bike (50x70)

Playing Catch (15x25)

Skippy Rope (30x20)

Backflip (30x40)

Art Aprecciation (40x70)

Doggy Piggyback (30x40)

Good Day to You Too (30x40)

Hop Up And A-Way (50x60)

Summer Romance 1/12 (20x20)

Happy Dance (30x40)

B-Ball Lions (30x40)

Laying with the Leopards (30x40)

Dog Tricks 1(30x40)

Dog Tricks 2(30x40)

Sea-line Women (30x40)

The Twirl (30x40)

The Naked Tea Party (30x40)

High Five (30x40)

Ponderosa (30x40)

I Shit You Not (30x40)

Dancing With Lions (30x40)

Newly Weds (30x40)

So Happy Together (20 x30)

Man's Best Friend (30x40)

Leap of Faith (30x40)

Taking Her (30x40)

Please Don't Go (30x40)